After the Deadline now Open Source

After the Deadline, the intelligent spell- and grammar-checking service Automattic acquired a few months ago, is releasing its core technology under the GPL. There’s also a new jQuery API that makes it easy to integrate with any textarea. Ostatic writes about it here.

13 thoughts on “After the Deadline now Open Source

  1. I just noticed the license is GPL, not LGPL.

    @Matt please consider making it LGPL. Plenty of projects could benefit from the code but cannot link to it (or derivatives of the code) unless they are also GPL.

    The GPL was never intended to cover libraries.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Never fear! The AtD server code is GPL. This is a self-contained component that doesn’t plug directly into an application. Applications talk to it.

      The front-end client plugins for AtD (the TinyMCE plugin, the jQuery integration, etc.) are LGPL meaning you can link them into non-GPL projects.

      — Raphael

  2. Great thing to hear and see as you certainly want to make positive effect on how people work and communicate. Thanks for the all efforts you are using together to make web better place to make things happen. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to give you a shoutout Matt. I cant believe you are the inventor of WordPress. Basically you are my role model, and you are amazing!!