One thought on “Stealth Startups

  1. As always they have Crunched it logically.

    Customers ‘latent’ needs are the unmet profits of tomorrow.

    Customers desire for ‘change’, is the dissatisfaction with an existing service, and the business desire not to change for the customer.

    So if you have no way of finding out either… why bother?

    Maybe the “secret” is not being secretive but that exclsuive ‘beta invite’ and digital buzz building prior to the launch.

    With a stream of ‘up-dates or fixes’ in the beta that make the product even better prior to full release for the geeks and early adopters.

    Maybe it is even about building a community!

    Now Matt, thinks I am being trite, as well, WP has to be one of the best communities on the web!

    Mery Xmas Matt and WP, love your work!