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Ask Matt: Essential Gadgets

Essential gadgets for life on the road:

Since recording this I’ve switched to the D3S, which is just like the D3 but with video. Everything else is the same! Video here done with VideoPress.

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Just a thought on this – Why not pop in a separate submit/ contact form, and put it to filter to a specific address, or depending on your popmail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc….) you can also filter by title to a folder. Or a submit that sends to a database in case you might not get the submissions via email (hey…sometimes emails do get eaten… kind of like the sock dilemma when washing laundry. o.0)

Great video Matt – so lovely to hear you talk when I’ve been using your software for a while now. I am also an Apple iPhone and Kindle convert. The Kindle is now available internationally, but we don’t get all the books you get in the US. Hopefully the publishing world will continue to catch up in 2010!

Have a great holiday! Joanna

Hey Patrick. You were right about the 2 cameras. I had an 85mm lens for the close ups on one, and a 17-35mm at about 20-25mm on the other. The cameras were Canon 5D Mark IIs, the lenses Nikons. In principle you could get a similar effect with one camera if you were to output your video at 720p (like this one) but shoot at 1080p (same), as this would give you a bit of latitude for reframing the footage without pixelation.

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