Custom CSS

There have been a few requests for the plugin that drives the custom CSS feature on We wanted to clean it up before releasing, and ended up adding a feature that stores the CSS better (in the posts table) and also adds revisions so you can revert to an old version of your custom CSS. The plugin is now available on the directory, free for everybody. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Custom CSS

  1. Better late than never but of course, you again held true to your word on making that feature on available to all as a plugin.

    Loving the fact that I see the word revision being used. Does this mean that with this plugin installed, I could edit a CSS file, not like the changes and go back to a previous version easily just like I can with post revisions?

      1. This is one step closer to your vision of not being able to break WordPress from within. At least with CSS, end users are protected and has revisions. Are revisions part of your long term scope for the plugin and theme editor when it comes to editing php files inside of WordPress?

        Sounds like that would be the the holy grail of not breaking WordPress by accidentally editing files or making a mistake. However, I wonder how the php file editors would tackle the problem of restoring a revision if after you click the save button, you generate an error page. Common sense would dictate that an error would be detected and the last known good revision would be put into action.

        Is anything I mentioned have a chance at becoming a reality at some point in the future?

      2. One last question, I promise. Do you think that taking the code editors out of WordPress and turning them into a ‘Core Plugin’ would be a good idea if the Core Plugin experiment is a success? The core plugin could be called CodePress and then have focused functionality built on top of it.