Trying out Nexus One

This week I’ve taken the SIM card out of my iPhone and put it in the Nexus One, which I’m going to try to stick with for the next week. I love my 3GS, but I’m just hungry for something else as the iPhone has felt a little stagnant lately, and the Nexus has the most beautiful hardware — it’s a pleasure to hold and look at. So far I’m really happy with the screen, the grass live background, the Google and Facebook contact syncing, news/weather widget, Google Voice (!), and I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the UI. (Only other Android device I’ve tried was the G1, and that lasted 10 minutes.) I’m not impressed with the email application IMAP support, the app store seems a bit anemic, and the camera application crashed once when I was trying to take a picture. I’ve found equivalent apps for the most-used stuff on my iPhone.

34 thoughts on “Trying out Nexus One

  1. I’m a bit excited for this myself. Hope you aren’t plagued by the 3G connectivity issues that have made the news over the past week!

  2. So did you stick to your Nexus One or turned back to iPhone?
    I think there is that stuff in Nexus One that can make you Stick with it, if you really want to. It’s just that you’ve been accustomed to iPhone for so many months (or years?), that’ll initially make you feel let down (but not actually).
    I’m just waiting for NexusOne to arrive at my country to put my hands on !!

    1. As I said, I’m testing it out for the week. I agree that there are definitely some things it does differently from the iPhone that feel weird at first because you’re not used to it, but later you end up liking it better.

      1. I’ve been doing the same – moved from the iPhone 3G to the Nexus 1 about a week back. I’m using it in Mumbai with Vodafone. Despite the much superior feel of the hardware, I have to say I am quite disappointed with the N1. The VERY poor email app (can’t edit received email when replying to it, for one), poor weather widget (only 1 city at a time), inability to sync directly with the computer (have to go via Google) and no Internet Tethering are deal breakers for me. The iPhone is definitely much easier to use and despite similar glaring omissions in Version 1, has managed to cover lots of ground. There’s definitely something very addictive about the N1 though – perhaps because it allows you to do quite a lot. But hats off to the iPhone for the iconic easy to use interface.

      2. You can tether with PDAnet. PC and Mac. It only costs money if you need secure sites and the price seems fair for the application. I use it to stream video for a few weeks now.

  3. I do quite like the look of the Nexus One, although over the iPhone (Which I don’t own!) I’d have to give it a good old demo! 😀 Having said that though, I quite like the look and feel of the BlackBerry Storm2, and I might be inclined to go for that, what about yourself Matt? … iPhone – Nexus One – BlackBerry 🙂

  4. There are very bad reviews and customer opinions about Nexus One. Are you trying to force yourself to use the new platform?

      1. So, you might follow the same thinking pattern as many other unhappy customers: “if it comes from Google, it must be good”.

        Hopefully your experience will be different than others and it will save you some frustration.

  5. I’m waiting for the Nexus One to come to Verizon so I can play with it in their store (and maybe buy it). Since my family is on Verizon, I don’t want to stray away from them going to AT&T (like with an iPhone) or the like.

    Do you plan on posting a review of it once you’ve played with it for a week? 🙂

  6. I’ve had mine for a week and I love it!

    I avoided the whole iPhone wave due to being locked into a sprint contract and a blackberry.

    I have had absolutely NO 3g issues, and way fewer voice/data complaints then my 3 family members in my house with iPhones.

    For reference, I live/work in the NYC metro area.

    1. Kurt,

      I just ordered my HTC Hero for Sprint tonight it has the older Android system, but I am PUMPED!

      Sprint just changed their contract (you can google it) and you can upgrade your phone if you want.

  7. I am enjoying my Nexus One as well, It is really a beautiful peace of hardware. Coming from a G1 I love the speed, I have not had any trouble with apps.

  8. Glad to hear someone has that type feeling about the Nexus One. I played with the Droid and nothing really blew me out of the water. The hardware on the Nexus looks slick and I’m excited about it after reading this.

  9. The iPhone has been good for me over the past few years but, yeah, it’s definitely time for something new, we need another surge of innovation and an open platform might be the right setting for this cycle.

  10. Having too much fun with mine. The screen. The voice-to-text….gets it so-right for me most of the time, for search, for my contacts, for text. My friends can’t understand how I type-out my text so fast.
    The camera.
    The speed.

  11. Oh, and Google Voice as my new outgoing number….and all its features. if telemarketers call can send to voice-he##.

  12. The Nexus One is a nice phone; however, it cannot do something as simple as cut and paste. So, I’ll stick with the iPhone.