Polldaddy Billion

Polldaddy just became the second Automattic web service to reach a billion pageviews a month. (I’m not counting Gravatar.) They also just updated their WordPress.org plugin to including ratings. Watch for some other major updates coming up soon. Update: ReadWriteWeb gives some context to the story.

12 thoughts on “Polldaddy Billion

  1. What type of metrics tool do you use for that to measure the pageviews? Is it external or is it a server-side log reader? I’m interested to know if it’s an opensource app or something that is proprietary 😉

  2. I’ve heard PollDaddy is great. I have it installed & I’m new at WordPress. My problem is that after it’s installed & activated, I can’t find any information on having the poll actually become a post. In other words, it’s a poll only I can see. It’s not visible to anyone but me and that’s only if I’m editing it. Any help here? Thanks –