As I noted on Twitter, Jay-Z now has a WordPress-powered blog. It’s  bare right now, but hopefully they really start to stretch WP soon. By the by, Jay, let’s grab a bite and talk tech and design. 😉 Hat tip: Michael Koenig.

8 thoughts on “Jay-Z

  1. Brother Ali has a pretty awesome WordPress powered site. Not only does he blog on it, he even encourages his fans to tell their stories there too.

    Unfortunately his site is running a way old version of WP too. Maybe these rappers are going to start rhymin’ about how old school their WordPress install is. 🙂

  2. I thought I felt a connection when I ran into him playing Big Buck Hunter at a certain dive bar in Williamsburg a few months ago…now this!

    In the spirit of the union of the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” and what we all know is the best CMS alive, a little WP logo mashup fun.