12 thoughts on “Custom Post Types

  1. Custom Post Types will be great for end clients – presenting the content in even more organized way than now.

    Still integrating some internationalization functions like in qtranslate would be priceless too.

  2. You should check out the WP Easy Post Types plugin. It allows you to create WordPress custom post types on the fly with an easy to use interface. Then manage custom fields and categories for your post types.

    There are a number of benefits. For example, you can create custom fields without having to create keynames and values. Output custom types simply by using the preformatted template tag for your field or create your own. One single call to display any field in an output. Additionally, once you have created a custom field this field is now available every time you edit/create a custom post type. This feature saves you time and gets rid of the frustration associated with custom fields that cause many people not to use them. Many out of the box field types available, or create your own through the plugin API.

    You can download it at WordPress.org or learn more about it at http://www.wpeasyposttypes.com.