We just announced VaultPress to the world. You can get your invite here. I’m very excited about this service because it is the first step toward my dream of every WordPress, regardless of where it’s hosted, to have best-in-the-world network (cloud? ;)) services that take all the worry and hassle away. People invest so much time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into their WordPress-powered sites — they deserve for that to be 100% secure.

16 thoughts on “VaultPress

  1. Sounds interesting, particularly the bit in your blog post about protecting “against zero-day security vulnerabilities by updating your blog with hot-fixes” – I remember suggesting such an idea in the comments at WPTavern during the fuss last time a load of un-updated WP sites got hacked.

    I am a tad concerned, though, by the planned price of $25 per month – is that per site? Almost one dollar per day per site?

    At that price, why not just offer some sort of hosting, some sort of mini-me version of VIP? I am looking forward to the day when Automattic offers the very best cloud-hosting for sites.

    For today, though, my fingers are crossed that you will bake a decent incentive into VaultPress’ pricing scale, to encourage designers and all the other professionals floating in the WordPress eco-system to adopt VaultPress as a standard feature for the sites they create. $300 per year per site is really too much for that.

    1. No plans to offer hosting, it’s too much trouble. We can narrow our focus to VaultPress and be best in the world at it. Pricing isn’t decided yet, we’re going to test out a few different things.

      1. I’ve just read the TechCrunch article, and what you had to say in the comments, I now have a clearer idea of where you’re going with this and, yeah, okay, it is pretty genius.

        Best of luck with it, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you folks come up with this year.

  2. That sounds terrific! I would love to use that feature, let alone the less techy ones who spend a lot of time and money on managing and updating WordPress. WordPress is getting easier the older it gets, that’s just cool.

  3. I’ve read the post, the announcement, the coverage at TC, RWW etc and your comments on TC. So let me get this straight – I don’t need to backup my blog and stuff like images and all to services like Amazon S3, right? With Vaultpress, everything gets backed up, no matter how large the data is…and if anything goes wrong, restoring that data would be easy too, correct?

    One more question – What about the high traffic blogs that host files like images directly on Amazon S3 to reduce load and bandwidth costs? They should go for Vaultpress too, right, for automated database backups and security?

  4. I don’t suppose VaultPress is going to be open-sourced at some point, like the backup plugin I use?

    Also, I seem to recall a conversation we had earlier about Gravatar, where you said it wasn’t a big deal that it was not open-source because it was just a picture filing system …

    If it’s turning into a universal online profile, wouldn’t it be better for everyone (including Automattic) to make it an open-source, open standard instead of a proprietary piece of the web?

    1. The awesome things about Gravatar profiles is the data is 100% open, more than any social network I can think of. If you wanted to have profiles on a website, use BuddyPress! The code we wrote for Gravatar isn’t generally useful in that regard.

  5. Great features Matt, Just signed up for Vaultpress account. Will feature a review soon along with comparison with other services.

    PS : Seems like am in a infinite waiting loop for the WP T-shirt you promised in Twitter πŸ˜‰