Twenty Ten starting

The new Twenty Ten theme is now live on and the default for all new blogs created on the service. As an aside, (11 million sites) was switched over to 3.0 over the weekend. I love it when we’re able to do that early because we find a ton of bugs in the integration and merge, and then we have 11 million beta testers banging on the software before we do the shrink-wrap release.

9 thoughts on “Twenty Ten starting

  1. Matt, I tried to comment on the Twenty Ten blog post on the official blog, but it says I “must add a blog as my URL” – I can’t see what it means, there’s a link to my wordpress blog on my WP/Gravatar profile.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was essentially “wow.” The difference between Kubrick and 2010 says so much about how sophisticated has become. well done all of you.

  2. Love 2010. Hope WP is giving Kubrick a retirement party. It’s been a hardworking member of the community for a long time and many people’s first experience with WordPress.

  3. Well, I tested out the theme on my blog and it looks sweet. When will 3.0 be officially released for self-hoster users? Can’t wait! 🙂