WordCamp San Francisco 2010

We’re now about a week away from WordCamp San Francisco 2010. I am extremely excited about the speaker lineup this year (6-7 not listed yet), we’ll have a jazz performance, awesome shirts… best WordCamp SF yet. Get your tickets ASAP if you hope to attend.

9 thoughts on “WordCamp San Francisco 2010

  1. Yes, I am really looking forward to this, it will be my first San Francisco WordCamp! Come down from the Seattle area.

    Can’t wait to hear you Matt, and all the others. Am anxiously waiting the schedule!

  2. One Day Matt. One Day I will make it to WordCamp San Fran and I will meet you. . .

    Shake your had and say thanks for creating such an awesome platform . . . .

  3. I attended WordCamp SF in ’08. It was a great experience. There were so many cool new things to learn. It’s been 2 years and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this one!

  4. Just got back from the WordCampSF, and it was very informative. Glad to know that blogging isn’t dead. 🙂 Also, thanks Matt for the yummy BBQ. This is my third year attending and it’s always nice that lunch is included in the ticket price. See you next year!