Istanbul Day 3

A very quiet day, wasn’t feeling well, basically just lunch at Brasserie in Ni?anta??, and dinner at Naz.

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Hello Matt,

I’m Ilyas from Izmit, Turkey. Welcome to our beatiful and a little bit problematic country. (Issues on filotila problem against Israel, our political problems etc.) By the way it looks like you enjoyed our meats and baklava. I hope you have had a lot of time to see Nisantasi, Taksim, Ortakoy and Bosphorus.

Izmit is the town in wich I live. It lies just 90 kilometers east to Istanbul, at the east end of Marmara Sea and Bay. Maybe you have heard my town for the giant earthquake occured in 1999.

Nice to see you in my country. Please think about coming back and maybe calling me before you arrive again here. I will be very happy to host you around Istanbul and Izmit.


Matt, you’re staying in the rich neighborhood! Actually, in a couple pictures you were a minute away from my house in Balik Pazari (fish bazar). I hope you had a good time.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy Istanbul. I lived there for five years and loved every moment until I moved to a secluded beach near Marmaris.

Istanbul has everything a city should have, and more.

I much prefer the Turkish beaches though.


Hi, Iam also from Izmit, a city on the border of Istanbul…

I hope, you enjoyed your time in our Country… 😉

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