Create Windows 7 Hotspots

Windows 7 has an awesome utility called netsh that allows you to create wifi networks, even if you’re already connected to a wifi network on the same interface, which is actually slightly better than the same feature on OS X. If you don’t want to play with the command-line, there’s a handy utility called Connectify that makes creating a wifi hotspot from your Windows 7 box a breeze. This was one of the things I missed most about my Mac laptops.

11 thoughts on “Create Windows 7 Hotspots

    1. I’ve used PDAnet to do that before, but I’m in a foreign country where the data rates are $20 per megabyte, so I’d much rather go through the hotel internet connection plugged into my laptop than anything mobile.

      1. I’m in a foreign country, but an Android phone hotspot of 1GB max for up to 1 month duration is $17. With a 3G modem and $66 a month you get “unlimited” download. That’s what our home hotspot is running on, but “unlimited” means about 15GB a month.
        If money is a real problem one can still check emails and a few pages with daily plans of 10MB for 66c.
        We still believe it is too expensive.

    2. If you’re an iPhone man (and you happen to not be in a foreign country), you can use MyWi to do the same thing. It’s available in Cydia after you jailbreak for $9.99.

      Best $10 I’ve ever spent. It enables USB and Bluetooth tethering, and it can act as a WiFi access point to provide internet access. It can also provide minimal WEP security, and keeps a running tally of tethered data usage when you’re using it.

      Drains the battery something fierce, but works like a champ.

  1. Somehow none of the Android phones around will connect to this type of hotspot. If I disconnect from the hotspot I’m connected to it works, but two connections works for PCs/Laptops but phones don’t see the network.

  2. Unfortunatly, Connectify doesn’t work with Win7 Starter, which my netbook has.
    Going to have to look into see if Netsh work on the starter edition.