Montreal Quake

I never expected I would leave San Francisco and experience a quake in Montreal. It was pretty slight here, but I definitely noticed something.

20 thoughts on “Montreal Quake

  1. You and me both – I felt it down here in West Hartford, CT. At first I thought I had just sat down too fast, then it was a “Wait a minute… this feels familiar…”

  2. I’m on the South Shore of Montreal. SouthWesterners might have chuckled at our tremor but for a resident it was pretty freaky. 5.7 on the old scale, so they say. Being surrounded by walls of books (in my little home office) I got up and headed outside. The streets weren’t opened up and the bricks were all still hanging tight – but it did provoke some nervousness, if only for a half minute.

  3. It was felt all the way over here in Flint, Michigan. Apparently, not only do I have to fear being shot while living in Flint, I also now must fear earthquakes. WTF!?

  4. The epicenter was in Ottawa. Magnitude 5.5. I felt it considerably all the way in KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) which is about a 100 kilometers west of Toronto.

  5. I work in a high-rise office building downtown Toronto on the top floor … we shuddered alot … those on lower floors didnt feel it so much … two guys bolted down the stairs as fast as they could 🙂 Was kinda concerning with the G20 here … we first thought a bomb had gone off!

  6. I have been through several earthquakes and it seems everywhere I have been in the world to visit live or stay…The quakes normally follows me…no lol it is not due to my sexy weight of course!
    I think the worst quake was a 7.1 that rocked my bed horribly around 3AM in the morning. I was in Manila Philippines at the time and I was on the phone making plane reservations to get the heck out on the next flight the following day….Earthquakes are totally frightening as well as their after affects.

  7. I live in Dundee, southwest of Montreal. When the quake happened I was upstairs in my home and it sounded like there was an elephant stomping around in the attic. I was afraid that the beams in the roof might crack. I think all is okay though.

  8. I am not 100% certain of this however I sit in a part of a building (in New England) that is fairly unstable and it definitely shook yesterday… enough that I asked a co-worker if we’d had a quake (I too spent many years in California and know what they feel like).