28 thoughts on “Million in a Week

  1. Massive congratulations. I still remember downloading my first ever version of WordPress, must be about 6 or 7 years ago.

    It has been a wonderful journey. Thanks for laying the path for me to follow.

  2. Working great so far! Had to edit a little code on the theme to make category headers show up, but no biggie. Can’t wait to try new features, or implement them into the current theme!

      1. Which brings up a question I’m curious about:

        What’s the ratio of downloads from the .org website vs upgrades from the dashboard? Are most people downloading or upgrading in-place?

      2. It’s hard to say right now because to the download tracking script they all look the same. We should be able to do something with user agent or referrer though and get a better sense before the next big release. Actually, might be a good mini-project for 3.org.

  3. my system automatically upgrades software, so I too have the 3.0 version installed. I haven’t tried any new features yet, but everything is sooooo much slower – inserting images, updating posts, saving posts. Is this normal? Thanks.

      1. well no doubt then, it’s operator error. Ya gotta love us newbies!

        Hey, where is the best place for me to post REALLY basic q’s without gumming up your techie threads? Things like– when I create a link from one of my posts to another of my posts, it sends me a ping – do I accept the ping/comment or is that considered ‘phony’. I want to move my blog up in the search lists, but I don’t want to take the wrong approach. or does accepting my own ping even matter?
        I bought a wordpress book, but it doesn’t help with these kinds of q’s. Thanks. Toni 🙂