Overcome Writer’s Block With Plinky Prompts — Automattic has bought Plinky and is promoting it from See also: Thing Labs (makers of Plinky and Brizzly), TechCrunch, The Next Web.

10 thoughts on “Plinky

  1. That’s pretty sweet. Would’ve come in handy yesterday when I wrote the worlds worst blog post. Seriously- that’s what its title was.

  2. I love how innovative WordPress continues to be. It is very smart to provide Plinky and deal with writers block. I look forward to using Plinky as a writer and blogger. Thank you Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress team for continuing to add value to the best content management solution on the Web today!

  3. This is really great news. I think, This step will open new doors for Automattic. Plinky is great tool for microblogging and it is growing very fast.
    I think in coming month that will effect the Twitter. I must say Plinky will great replacement of Twitter.