Son of Gutenberg

Marion Maneker at Slate’s site The Big Money chatted with Toni and I the other week, which turned into this article: The Son of Gutenberg. Not a bad overview “Mullenweg says, with the tone of an idealistic 26-year-old.” 🙂 I hope people still write that when I’m 36.

6 thoughts on “Son of Gutenberg

  1. The “son of Gutenberg”? Wow. I liked the article, and of course the connections to writers finding their voices and audiences.

    Her tone may have been a little cynical, but you can’t trust anyone over 30, right? 😉

  2. Congrats Matt… just remember I referred to you as the 21st Century Gutenberg some while back in a comment… What the article missed was the importance of WordPress as a CMS… this is where the real publishing revolution is happening… and also where the monetization will take place…

  3. Nice article. Keep the idealism and do not become a hollow shell!

    I agree Julie, her tone was a little cynical. Probably because the many millions of authors have produced better content at a lower cost to the consumer than Slate and consequently Slate’s audience has evaporated away along with their revenue and Slate’s attempt to charge more than their content was worth just hastened the decline of their business. As both a producer and consumer of content in this new economic ecosystem I welcome the creative destruction!

    Thanks Matt!

    1. I was even wondering if her title was sarcastic. What do you think? (Probably just me being an overprotective friend!)

  4. I get annoyed sometimes by the age argument, it’s a way to shove it away as “idealism but not realism”. I’m not saying that’s how it was intended here, but that is how people will read it sometimes, and that’s a waste.

    As soon as you turn 30 that might actually go away, which would be a good thing 😉 (he said, hoping for it, as I’m 28 myself 😉