Top Referrers

The WP Dev blog got a ton of traffic today because of the 3.0 release announcement. Here are the top referrers: WordPress Dashboard, Twitter, Slashdot (huh?), Digg, news.ycombinator, Lifehacker, Google Reader, Reddit. So far today Slashdot is ahead of Twitter. Didn’t realize they were even still around! They’ve got staying power.

27 thoughts on “Top Referrers

  1. Heh. I re-discovered Slashdot about a year ago. It’s actually pretty good, and the site has quite a few subtle but cool features. “News for Nerds” for sure!

      1. Matt, I gotta tell ya. WordPress 3.0 rocks… btw huge fan of your work.. you’re an impressive human being πŸ™‚ Cheers

  2. ./ “staying power” is the content and community rather than catchy words and trend-following πŸ™‚

  3. Got your email today with the announcement of 3.0. I didn’t think much of it…but was compelled to go to to watch the video for some strange reason.

    HOLY SMOKES! Are you kidding me?! This is AMAZING! I can’t wait to dig into this newest release and theme. WOW!

    If ever there was a call for the Hallelujah Chorus, it would be now! Nice work.

  4. This is the most stunning and amazing release yet. I am excited to push the limits of this new installation and see what I can do both theme wise and in general.

  5. Simply put, WP 3.0 is the very best WordPress yet.

    Thanks Matt for your leadership of such a great team… you all have created a powerful CMS that is actually enjoyable to use.

    Custom Post Types + Custom Post Types = Awesomeness.

    Thanks again!

  6. When a new release comes, I use to stay and wait some updates be released, fearing any bug be discovered after release.

    But with 3.0 I feel different, it has some new fixes and features I need deeply, and even already fiding a small bug I wanna use it. I’ll wait a month and see if any big bug is ticket, if not I’ll just upgrade.

  7. That is a surprising statistic. I got a suggestion that came up in one of the blogging communities:

    The Links widget in WordPress should have a field to allow the blogger to adjust the name – instead of Blogroll. There are a lot of plugins that allow this, but I think would be a huge improvement to link building. The current allows you to select a category, but if a person wants to override the title in the widget regardless of the link category, it would be convenient and of course and fill the need for people looking for plugins that allow nofollow and dofollow in the rel. (currently WP uses the link relationship XFN… which is great, but I have found a lot of people who do not know it is there.)

  8. As this is a major release, I started upgrading on a staging copy of my blog, but ended up upgrading the live site instead… No biggie, as the upgrade worked without a hitch.

    Twenty Ten looks absolutely gorgeous, in an understated way. Having spent some unpleasant time mucking about Thematic and Carrington, I am looking forward to ditching those convoluted nightmares and starting on a solid, straightforward and clean base.