To Montreal

On Monday I’m going to be leaving San Francisco to spend some time in Montreal, about a month and a half. I really enjoyed my time there last year for the Jazz Festival hence the extended stay this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all the bloggers, WordPress users, friends, and entrepreneurs there. I’m also hoping a WordCamp can happen while I’m in town again.

25 thoughts on “To Montreal

  1. Hey Matt, I’m from Montreal and have some free time in the upcoming weeks, would love to help you get a WordCamp together. Let me know if there’s anything you need!


  2. If you are going to be that close on the 19th you might consider a side trip to Toronto for the WPToronto Meetup. Maybe not the grand scale of a WordCamp but you would be more than welcome 🙂

  3. Hey Matt,

    Great that you’re coming to our town again. If you need any help organizing anything just give us a shout, I’m sure that there would be a lot of volunteers.

    Enjoy your stay!


  4. Unfortunately no WordCamp this spring. At least not that I know of. The guys behind the last one said they were aiming for late summer/autumn.

    1. Hey guys,

      Unfortunately we got started too late to have a WordCamp while Matt is in town.

      Matt, we still hope you’ll come out and hang out with us! We’re planning to have at least one meetup at a bar and maybe another with a presentation. If you can come out I’m sure we’ll get a good turnout of Montreal WP fans who’d love to meet you.

      Any time you’re feeling bored or lonely let me know and I can notify the WordPress Montreal facebook group and twitter account 😉

    1. Laurent, I agree. I’d love Matt to suggest a place and time and we’ll get some WordPress people to come by and say hi. There are so many WordPress aficionados in Montreal.
      Hatt, if you’re in, just name the time and place. These are popular places for WordPress folks: Café Méliès on Saint-Laurent, Terrace at Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal, Jello Bar on Ontario or Hyatt Regency (Jazz Festival Official Hotel).
      I would suggest a 5-7 and then we’ll take it from there.
      I’m volunteering to put the event up on Facebook and let people invite people and get the ball rolling.
      Hope to see you Matt!

  5. I love Montreal. Easily one of my Top 5 North American cities; activity 24/7, amazing appreciation of design, beautiful girls, great restaurants, endless museums and festivals, great architecture, great night life, F1 racing etc. etc. etc.

  6. You just missed the F1 Grand Prix but at least you are coming in time for our Festivals (Jazz and Comedy). Hope to see you when you get to town. By the way I think you have too many long-sleeve shirts for this trip.

  7. Hey Matt! Saw you might be making a trip down to Burlington, VT. Perhaps I can get together a group of WP heads for a little night out and show you how we live it up in Burlington!

    1. Eric, roadtrip to Montreal? I live at the top of Vermont and would like to try and make a meetup.

  8. Born and raised in Montreal, been in LA for 28 years, miss it – attended the 1st Jazz festival in 1982 before I moved to LA – remember seeing Billy Cobham, an incredible and very young Pat Metheney…still have the posters from the festival hanging in my home office…