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The voice feature is now live on, using Twilio and implemented by Nick. Check it out: Phone Your Blog.

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This got me jokily wondering to myself how long before Google starts to index audio files, but it turns out they already can!

It’s only used to a very limited extent currently (the politician channel on YouTube), but will be interesting to see if it develops further.

Well, I tried it. I can see lots of possible applications–lots and lots–but none of them have a lot of appeal unless I could voice-post to a draft. Then I could add some text and graphics to the voice part, and make a good title, and . . . keep from embarrassing myself if I record something idiotic.

Pretty slick feature, Matt! I just heard about this today, in the WebProNews newsletter, and went and tried it out. Very nice, indeed!

You know, of course, this will soon be copied on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

That’s okay… we’ll know where they got the idea. 😉

As you can tell… I don’t get out much.

I did a little research on this last night, and came across mention of the fact that Blogger had implemented it, then let it die – no idea why.

I would suspect it was due to a lack of acceptance by the users, rather than by the bloggers. I’m inclined to think that will be less of an issue today. I like it. I probably won’t use it that much, but when on the road, it’s a killer idea.

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