Chartbeat is a cool real-time analytics service I’ve been enjoying using for a while, especially from the iPhone app. As just announced yesterday on AllThingsD, I’ve joined their latest round of funding and I’m looking forward to see what they do next.

2 thoughts on “Chartbeat

  1. How would you say Chartbeat compares to Google Analytics and its the open source equivalent, Piwik?

    I tried Piwik’s demo. They also claim “Real time web analytics reports”, yet I did not see much of it. Instead it looked extremely similar to Google Analytics with regards to the type of information it serves, while Chartbeat’s demo on the other hand does indeed seem to offer something different and, indeed, “real time”.

    At the end of the day though, owning your own data means a lot. I’d rather not use Google Analytics alongside yet another analytics service, so for me it’s all in or nothing. Hence the reluctancy to jump from one closed platform to another, when the open source alternative seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

  2. It’s insanely cool and useful when tweaking content and other stuff. A/B testing on the fly for only USD10 / month. I just wish they had servers in EU as well… somewhere in the UK or Amsterdam maybe.