About.me and Wakemate

Today has been a very exciting day. First off, About.me has been acquired by Aol, as good friend Tony Conrad writes about on his blog. A great deal on both sides, I think Aol got a steal and a great team here. Second, one of Audrey’s earliest investments Wakemate has finally shipped their first version, which I’ve been using the past two nights and has been great. (I’m averaging 60 so far.) Reserve your Wakemate here.

14 thoughts on “About.me and Wakemate

    1. I left it in San Francisco before coming home for the holidays, so I only have two nights in it so far. The website is slick and has some nice features like comparing tags but I still think it’s pretty nascent in terms of what it could offer.

  1. The Wakemate looks great. I’ve been using the Sleeptracker watch (sleeping alone) sans the stats though. I’m wondering what happens if you don’t sleep alone, if the persosn next to you is moving during the night.. does that count as your body movement and mess with the waking time?

  2. Wakemate is very interesting. I would love to try it out once I get my first andriod.
    I got to know about it when Andrew was hired and I landed on Audrey Capital.
    Seriously, you should share your experience after using Wakemate for quite some time. 🙂

  3. Curious Matt…have you used any iphone apps for sleeping? I have been messing around with sleepcycle since Tim Ferriss mentioned it a while back. But find it sometimes does not register like the other night.

    With just your short period of use, think it improves your sleeping now that you have some data to look at?

  4. Looking forward to an extension from sleep to wake-periods. When will we have the “head-band” monitoring of our though processes (hidden under a hat or bonnet) so that when we open our mouths to speak, take a pen to write, or sit down at the keyboard, we are sure of an intelligent output? One would also be able to calculate average intelligence, best performance days, and compare IQ charts with friends and colleagues. Yea, come-on I want a iPhone ‘thought control” app!