Scoble Interview

The interview I did with Robert Scoble at Big Omaha is now up. Here’s the embed:

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Social buttons are the “mullets” of WordPress? Heh!

Although I see them more as “hats” than mullets, I do understand your fear of centralized networks, especially Facebook (who took forever to allow us to download our images/videos from their site).

Surprised AdSense isn’t doing so well with WP though, although truth be told one of my “dead” Blogger blogs does better with AdSense than any of my WP sites as far as click ratio’s go.

Just wanted to Thank you for all the contributions from the past year. I have picked up and learned quite a few things from you…:) Including the new kindle purchase…lol

The only thing I dont get about the kindle which I didnt like last week. The price of the kindle version is twice the price of the book version. Look it up on amazon: the book is : Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

I don’t understand the reasoning.

Anyway, Thanks again for your contributions and sharing your knowledge…:)

I agree with you! Those little bars at the bottom all seem to be ugly piggy-backers of the wherever they started (as far as I know, Facebook is the original, but that’s regardless of the fact). They are ugly! Stop using them! =D