10 thoughts on “Growing Fast

  1. when a product is great an is appreciated by people who know things that thing that product becomes legendary wordpress.com is the best bet from all the available blogging platforms wordpress >blogger >tumblr and posterous in decending order of greatness

  2. Numbers, numbers, numbers.
    Those of us who like/use the WP platform get excited about these sort of numbers. On the flipside, pervasiveness leads to high visibility which lends itself to the unsavory. Ergo as numbers increase, the focus for all users and designers must be increased security. Chinks in the armor affects us all. E.g., recent reports on passwords indicate the web users (and even IT personnel) still use foolish threshold keys and/or backdoor access, such as “1234567”, “qwerty” and “password.” And, recently news of hijacked theme(s) surprised many. As WP spreads, proceed with your eyes, ears and mind engaged. If it seems queer, it is; check it out to be sure. Report everything. The nefarious are in abundance.
    Finally, stay awake as the US federal government, under the guise of the FCC, begins to control the world wide web with “Net Neutrality” legislation. Everything fed does goes into the crapper… All 7 million users are needed to protect WP, access to it and keep government(s) out.