Skiing in Deer Valley

I went skiing for the first time in Deer Valley. Includes a video of the one time Barry fell, but not the 15 times I fell.

14 thoughts on “Skiing in Deer Valley

      1. I can testify to snowboarding being a PITA. I spent all day trying to do it and either falling backwards onto my butt or falling forward onto my hands wrecking my wrists.

        Get the balance, etc. down of skiing first.

  1. Hope you had lots of fun. Skiing is a great activity – very medatative. A word of advice, relax the legs and next time come to Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

  2. Before you know it you’ll be doing double black diamonds (and those are so much fun – I miss them) – just remember, always ski in control and you won’t meet any trees the hard way. A strategic fall is better than a crash. A fall in a pile of powder is a barrel of laughs!