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  1. Though I understand and appreciate VaultPress, I am turned off by the “insurance” vibe … it is a defensive energy that doesn’t align well with the overall creative energy of WordPress.

    Insurance is, to me, a poor expression of capitalism … making money of fear and worst case scenarios.

    There can be better insurance models – see example:

    How about, for example, an open-source VaultPress plugin that I can use to both host a backup for other blogs I like and for backing up my blog with others?

    1. Distributed backup has been attempted before, here’s probably the best out there:


      The tricky parts are encryption, because you don’t want your data to be viewable by others, equality, because some sites use far more resources than others (we have sites in VaultPress over 40GB), and finally restores, how quickly can you get your data back and is there someone there to help you with it.

      The insurance angle of VaultPress is not to be defensive, but to get people thinking more about the value of what they’ve created on their site in more than just bits and bytes. Your site is not just undifferentiated storage usage on S3, it’s the culmination of often years of memories, thoughts, writings, photos, and innumerable other aspects of yourself, poured into a container of WordPress and presented to the world through the web.

  2. I think Vaultpress is a great service for WordPress bloggers. Douglas gives a good viewpoint labeling it as blog insurance. I am glad to be on Vaultpress and looking forward to great new features.

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