Balloon Ride

Went for Napa / Vacaville hot air balloon ride with Janitorial team at Automattic, had dinner at 54 Mint, and caught the end of the symphony masquerade ball in San Francisco. Here are Nick’s pictures from the same day.

8 thoughts on “Balloon Ride

  1. Maybe I commented in the wrong place.
    I was interested in knowing the brand/make of the jacket you are wearing in the balloon ride.


    1. No worries, it’s from John Varvatos and it’s one of their standard pieces that they do in a different fabric every season. I have another of the same in a thicker black felt with pinstripes but I prefer the one here and wear it a lot.

  2. Great pictures and great thing to do with the team. It reminded me of one of may favorite quotes ….. “If the janitor quits, everyone knows the next day. But when a VP quits, it can take months before everyone knows.” Everyone’s contribution is important.