As you may have seen, the WordPress community released version 3.2 “Gershwin” yesterday. Here’s the announcement video with some of the new features:

When you get a chance also check out MT’s post about the Design of 3.2.

13 thoughts on “3.2 Video & Design

  1. Being a Jazz lover I can’t help but say that WordPress release videos are something out of this world. It’s great to see so many Jazz musicians being honored by each release πŸ™‚

    1. Not so much a mic problem as falling back on a secondary pair of inferior headphones in this case when the jack on my studio pair decided it didn’t want to work any more. Thanks for noticing!

  2. Beautiful VDO presentation.

    one thing though, what’s with the accent?
    Is that an intent ?

    Anyway, thanks and congrats for 3.2

    1. No artifice involved πŸ™‚ I guess this is the kind of mutation that happens when you’re from various parts of England, lived in Japan for several years, and spent spells in between in Berlin, Malta and a few other places, while working with a bunch of people from a bunch of countries.

  3. I really like these videos but the voice recording in this one is extremely boomy and bassy/midrange heavy. hope this would get fixed or at least for future releases.

  4. Along with the most awesome version of Worpress — Gershwin! He’s seriously one of the best jazz musicians ever. You have to know your jazz to know Gershwin. Great job! WordPress and the man behind it is a sweet ensemble.