4 thoughts on “Baring Train Crash Facts

  1. I once met an exchange student who said he literally spent days without sleeping finding out numerous things about his place of origin he simply could not find there.

    When he went packing I made sure he had Ultrasurf on his flash drive. He views on many things sure changed since that time.

    1. very fascinating the random picture looks like peanut butter mountain peaks! Sort of reminds me of the lemon meringue pie my friend had made.

  2. Not to start a flame war, but the US Government and US Mainstream Mass Media censor and lie themselves (dead/wounded soldiers from Iraq/Afghanistan, …). I’m American and I see it all the time.

    I no longer watch TV, listen to the radio or see movies because a lot of it is just propaganda or patriotism wrapped up to make us forget any flaws. I like the US, but everything is so corrupt.