10 thoughts on “MS-DOS is 30

  1. Ha, I remember those days! In fact my first computer was a TRS 80 with NO DOS and cassette storage! I think the last actual DOS I installed was V6.0 to get the CD drive going to install Win 98! We’ve come along way! Took your advise and typed “dir” in my Xfce terminal in memory of DOS!

  2. Thing is, dir works in many shells, or at least an alias has already been made for it. But ls doesn’t work in DOS, even in Win 7 (unless you have Cygwin of course).

  3. There’s nothing like joining AARP and getting this news in the same day to make you feel dated!

    I was a DOS wiz, and sadly it still beats any version of Windows to date.


  4. I had to use an old MS DOS 5.0 system two years ago. No one else in the building knew how to use it! It felt just like riding a bike. All those old commands came flooding back to me as soon I started typing 🙂

  5. The school had an Apple II, no letter after it. The next school had TRS-80 Model IIIs. The office had Kaypros. I learned CP/M and MS-DOS side by side and thought CP/M would win. I also thought nobody would ever use a mouse instead of a command prompt. Not much of a prophet, apparently.