6 thoughts on “Snake oil bubbles

  1. I do work for an M.D.that prescribes Omega oil(fish oil) to assist in after surgery healing. He has found it has helped a recent surgery he had in a mountain climbing accident.

  2. I take a good multi-vitamin plus a little extra vit. E and C. I’ve used Mellatonin off and on as a sleep aid and it works, that’s about it for supplements. As to the others, one day they’re great, the next day they’re worthless! You don’t know what to believe! If they work for you, or you think they work, more power to you. A lot of supplement “magic”, I believe, is in the mind.

  3. I still swear by fresh garlic and garlic pills. As a kid I used to be force to take the cod oil stuff, but I think it was mostly a way of torturing me. God that was awful!