Boing Boing has switched to WordPress from Movable Type, and it looks good. They also switched to Disqus for their comments, which will be interesting to see how it interacts with their highly evolved moderation policies including disemvowelling.

7 thoughts on “BoingBoing

  1. BB’s comment moderation policy is a joke. But thankfully it’s easy to get around if you are civil and simply want your opinion heard. Just use TOR and create as many Disqus accounts are you like. My friends at Disqus have informed me that if you go this route, be sure to use a unique email address with each account. This technique makes it quite fun to play around with Antinous – BB’s lead mod and troll. It’s fascinating to see what bat-shit crazy posts he will allow and what posts he decides to kill. My full-on-Socialist alter ego never gets hers posts killed.

    I plan on doing a full write-up on this in the near future… which will include a linke to BB’s great TOR starter article.

    The things I occupy myself with at 1am in the morning and can’t sleep….