When Patents Attack

Intellectual Ventures And The War Over Software Patents on This American Life. Props to Chris Sacca for speaking on the record about everything.

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Patent Trolls

I’ll say it again, copyright laws and patent laws are the number one enemy in the world. They represent the worst of communism and socialism, that being the suppression of creativity and invention. Without copyright and patent laws we would have colonies on the moon and mars by now. Where’s proof?

Our movie theatre industry has not changed in 100 years. We still view films in the same old square box buildings and provide the same amenities that have been served for decades. Because of copyright and patent laws movie theatres do not compete with the DVD and cable industry. Remove the protection and every movie theatre in America would look like a theme park. Futuristic theatres would rise up offering a smorgasbord of foods, simulation, communication services ,and making the theatre a free enterprise dream come true.

We are living in the same world as the Soviet Union, where art and invention was closely controlled by the government. The result is copyright laws do not encourage people to create, but instead are used as weapons to censure and restrict creativity. We have a theatre industry that doesn’t have any competition whatsoever. This would be like having one fast food restaurant chain in America. Could you imagine if McDonalds held the copyright/patents on “fast food”? No Burger King, Wendy’s Hardees or Taco Bells allowed, because the government has decided we only need McDonalds. O.K., so they haven’t figured out how to stem the fast food industry yet, or have they? We don’t see any new major chains on a national level, have you? For all we know they have figured out how to stem fast food growth, and the “inside story” has yet to be told.

This story heard on NPR, “When Patents Attack” tell us it is time to fight back. They use big money to keep the “little man’ from having his day in court. If this was the Sovereign Citizens being victimized by a corrupt system they would find the people responsible, sue them, their wives, children, and parents and friends, slap liens on all their properties, and much more.

I’ll say it again, “God Bless the DVD Pirates”, and may God protect you from the patent trolls. And remember “if creativity is a field, then copyright/patent is the fence” John Oswald He didn’t actually say patent, but I’ll add it for him. And for those that don’t understand the metaphorical it means if creativity is infinite, unlimited, never ending, then copyright laws reduce it to a finite, limited, number, one of the most evil things to do to humanity in the universe.

Great – fully agree with your ‘Patent trolls’ comment – Congrats & please proceed with that ‘type’ of idea to force REAL freedom from our Governments & MegaMoney Strongman/Groups.
I really think something similar applies to many stupid adverts which are directed towards the ‘lowest common believers’ & grab their funds without any resistance or protection from the law. Regards – may peace be with you!

Your argument is that of a socialist. No rights to the guy who invents something. Just take what you want, and steal all you can. Colonies on the moon? NO ONE would be willing to foot the bill, if there was no way to recoup the losses. Patents used to be long term, now most are only for @7 years. During that time the man who thought of an idea, planned it, developed it, spent his own money betting on himself, and against the odds, actually succeeded in selling it to the public, can try to make a profit on his genius. The public never knew they needed it until he made it!! Now they can’t get enough of it! Yet in just 7 years any knucklehead can reverse engineer his work and steal his idea and make his own version. That is theft of his mind. and theft of his work. NO ONE will design new and better things at his own cost, to be given away for free. When you live and eat by the work of your hands, and the sweat of your brow, that is called suicide. Remember, socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money. I have a couple of ideas to patent now. I have a working prototype built. Why should I give it away to ungrateful thieves? It would improve your life and your bottom line, but what is in it for me? Where is the return on MY INVESTMENT? Only someone richer than GOD could do what you ask without destroying himself in the process. Grow up.

I appreciate the above comment against copyright and patent laws. I agree few points but some are totally irreverent. You mentioned piracy; everyone knows that it’s an epidemic disease for almost all industry.

For anyone who wants to join the good fight, look at EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, at

They’re looking out for such rights and can use all the support they can get.