Fifty Million

As noted on TNW and Adweek, yesterday we passed over 50,000,000 websites, blogs, portfolios, stores, pet projects, and of course cat websites powered by WordPress. I had the good fortune to celebrate this milestone with a few hundred WordPressers at WordCamp Montreal yesterday. (During my Town Hall I wasn’t aware we had passed the number until someone shouted from the audience.) It’s always fun to pass a big round number and over the weekend many libations were consumed with friends old and new, but ultimately the press has always been more concerned with those top-line numbers than we have in the WordPress community. More sites being created is a good benchmark for our adoption, but ultimately WordPress matters not for the blogs it creates but for the lives it affects. We have some huge opportunities this year, particularly around making our software more accessible to the next 50 or 500 million people who want to have a voice online, something I hope to talk more about at WordCamp San Francisco next month.

19 thoughts on “Fifty Million

  1. Great news, althought I have been over 10 years in the internet I haven´t yet use WorldPress in my blogs – so there is new people out there – waiting to connect and share thoughts. Congrats – huge achievement – my journey have just begun, but I´m very interested to learn to use WordPress in my all action (holiday resorts, coaching, events, book selling and more).

    Best Regards,
    Markku Tauriainen
    Author, Entrepreneur

  2. Hey! Amazing news! I’ve often been curious to learn a bit more about how these numbers are calculated – especially on the self-hosted blogs? Is it more of an estimation? And if so, I imagine it sounds like conservative numbers were used to me!

  3. Simply awesome. But honestly, I thought that the number was even higher. Now, aiming for a hundred million sites before the end of 2012? 🙂

    1. I think its much higher, does this count all the auto hosting installs?
      Though it still amazes me to hear this great news, I remember a bunch of years ago in WPSF Matt announced 800,000, i was like wow that’s amazing, now I am like holy s**t.

  4. 50 million web means even if each has just 15 visitors, the total visitors w.r.t WordPress is more than 700 millions. Thats much more than facebook. Its time to remove the “dirty” fb logo and like from WP. Please someone!

  5. Like Andreas, I thought the number was even higher. Congrats on the 50 million and THANK YOU for all of your work, which just makes my work even easier.

  6. Wow, that is a big number. Never would’ve thought the small community we used to have many years ago would lead to something this big! A big kudos to all WP users! 🙂

  7. This is great news. As someone who moved from another platform, I am deeply impressed with WordPress and all that it offers.
    I wish you many more successes such as these.

  8. Gosh, a month ago I was giving a short (internal) presentation where I claimed that “over 20 million sites have been using WordPress, so it should be good for you”; this followed some other presentations on other companies in the past six months where I pretty much said the same thing.

    I feel silly now to under-represent WordPress that way 🙁 and do apologise to the WP team 🙁

    The good news is that at least all of them switched to WP except for one company 🙂