3 thoughts on “Future of WordPress Q&A

  1. The dashboard of WP3.2 is unattractive. I am not up-dating the other 90+ sites I oversee that are using WP3.1.4. The regression is not acceptable… and mind boggling. Less legible font… chunky menu… lack luster aesthetics… poor spacing… plainly not up to past WP standards. Maybe users should investigate the CMS alternates you mention in the tepid interview @memeburn.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re throwing in the towel because you don’t like the look of the admin? Deal with it. Or get a different admin theme, use fluency or something. That is the worst reason to try other CMS systems I’ve ever heard, and those he mentions are new and cutting edge frameworks, which typically have more bugs and problems than long time established ones do, so that makes no sense at all.