The official URL for Amazon’s new browser, Silk, is which right now redirects to This is not a VIP deal or anything, it’s just a free blog on which Beau noticed from their press release. I’m guessing they just wanted a quick and easy way to make a functional and beautiful website, which is kind of the whole idea of WordPress. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Amazon Silk on

  1. We’ve all noticed that tidbit. I thought that meant Automattic was eaten by Amazon. Go figure.

    Let’s see what Amazon brings to the table. The combination of WebKit and the EC2 sounds interesting, kinda following Aptana’s idea of using Gecko as a JavaScript engine for Jaxer.

    BTW. How’s life @ San Francisco? I’m from Monterrey, Mex. (you’ll know about us, since you’re from Houston…we’re just 150 miles south of Laredo, TX) but am planning to move to the bay as part of a start-up. Heard it’s not cheap. What are your thoughts comparing good old Texas to sunny California?

  2. Wow! I would have surely put a bit more effort to create that website.

    Am I the only one finding it surprising from a company like Amazon ?

    That said, it shows how easy it is to create a website with WordPress. 🙂

      1. My point was more about content.
        1) Instead of saying “check back with us often”, they could’ve put a box to enter your email. It’s simple, easy and would make me know when they update instead of asking to remember to come later.
        2) They have a “link” in the sidebar that is text and no link. Quickly fixable!

        Otherwise, I totally agree that with only 30 minutes, it could really improve.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts Matt!