Typekit has announced that they’ve been acquired by Adobe, I’m excited for Bryan, Jeff, and the whole team and can’t wait to see what they launch next. Had the pleasure of working with Typekit as an investor and as a partner in WordPress.com’s Custom Design feature.

7 thoughts on “Typekit and Adobe

  1. As an investor of a company that gets acquired, what does this really mean? Do you personally or does Audrey receive a decent pay day? What do you do with that cash? Put it in the bank and reinvest it in other companies?

    1. If the company is sold at a higher share price than you invested, then the difference is a profit, or a capital gain. The money always goes in a bank first, but no set plans after that usually, it depends on what the next opportunity is.

      1. Do you get a sense of pride or at least some sort of good feeling to know that you invested in a company which you thought had a good idea and within a few years, see a major company come along and snatch them up for a considerable amount of cash?

        At the very least, it would serve as a notch in your belt and give you the feeling that you or your team knows a good idea when you see one. Congrats.

  2. Really excited for the Typekit team. But can’t help but chafe at Adobe owning ANOTHER piece of my creative tool kit. It would be different if they were beneficent overlords — but they aren’t.

    Adobe rivals MSFT for bloatware.

    It’s nice that they’ll have one shining gem in their crown. Let’s hope they don’t botch it.