I ended up on the Forbes 30 under 30 for Social / Mobile this year, which is good because I only have two more years to make this sort of thing before being demoted to less exclusive “100 under 100” lists. For something more meaty check out this in-depth interview with Japanese devleloper magazine Gijutsu-Hyoron, by Bart Eisenberg, which included some pretty thoughtful questions.

7 thoughts on “Forbes and Gihyo

  1. Nice interview, Matt. I’m so glad that you get free software and are out there speaking the word. On my site, my title text on the WordPress icon says “Humbly Powered by WordPress,” but I’m proud that you’re the guy “in charge” of this thing.

  2. Thats great and cool but you could have been No. 1 under 30, and even after 2 years No.1 under 100 *if* the same amount of love and innovation went to buddypress, and it was used to build an open, non-datamine-hungry, non-evil social net that prevented monopoly of FB, and FBisation of the actual concept of inter-net.

  3. Out of curiosity, these lists such as Forbes top 100 or Forbes 30 under 30, are they lists that you strive to be on or are just humbled to be included on such a list? To everyone else it seems like a big deal but is it a big deal to you?