4 thoughts on “New WP Android App

  1. Great, already updated it on my Android 🙂 But I have 1 complain to make, the interface is really much better (because the other, sorry for that, but was kind of crap).

    But the really prolem with that app today is that you can’t see what is draft, published or scheduled and I think that is the key use for this app.

    I hope to see something like that in the app soon 🙂

    Good Luck \o

  2. I am extremely thrilled about the new app! Been an Android user for more than 2 years and been a wordpress app user ever since it was launched.

    Writing of posts and updating of posts in textual was alright, but beyond that, getting images into the right area was a pain. And there was totally no support for inserting videos (youtube).

    With the new wordpress app, everything changes!

    Thank you Matt and wordpress team!

    With this, I foresee more posts on mobile/on the fly with either my phone or my tablet.

  3. Matt,

    The 2.0 upgrade should have never been rolled out.

    It is such a disappointment after the previous version that words cannot express.

    It is seriously buggy, user experience is much worse than it was, and it is too flaky to use reliably.

    I loved the old one, posted 12+ posts on average every week. Over the past six months, I did not have half as many issues with it as I had with the new version in 96 hours.

    Can I please get my old app back?

    Many thanks,