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  1. I like your site, you’re really good at wordpress.

    I went to your about page to see if you mentioned what kind of camera you’re shooting with and I realized who you were… hahaha

    Just wanted to mention that I only recently discovered wordpress but I love it. I’m not bad with tech, I’m a full-time video editor but I’ve never done web design before and wordpress as enabled me to build my own portfolio site so thank you.

    But now 5 months have gone by and I can’t stop, all I want to do is learn more wordpress and I’m integrating it into my arsenal of services. I just grabbed some books on html and css.

    Anyway sorry about the tangent. Originally I was going to say if you do a lot of landscape photography like this you should pickup a tilt shift lens. You may already have one, I haven’t looked through all your photos but this one would look amazing with a tilt shift.

    Thanks again Matt,


    1. I feel dumb, it says right there on the right you have a Sony Nex-7. That’s a sweet camera. I’ve got a 5d mk2 but I use it mostly for video…. what plugin displays that picture metadata if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. If you have the proper support in PHP WordPress actually puts all the EXIF data from a photo into custom fields, which you can display in your template like you would any other, which is what I do here.

        I have a tilt-shift lens for my Nikon but honestly I don’t know how to use it properly.

  2. That’s really cool, I haven’t gotten into php yet but the guy I’m going into business with does. Soon as I get that far I’ll write a plugin for it, lots of photo/video people use wordpress so they’d appreciate it….nm just googled it and it already exists… haha that’s one reason why wordpress is awesome.

    You gotta learn how to use your tilt shift though. You can do the coolest things with it. I’m sure you’ve seen the timelapse videos they make with them right? If not here’s a couple

    Basically it gives you ridiculous control over depth of field which is amplified when shooting from a distance like you do in landscape. The reason the images from those vimeo vids look like toys is because the human eye isn’t used to seeing such shallow depth of field at that distance so our brain says it must be fake.

    You could even do timelapse videos by using your phone as an intervalometer for your nikon. But aside from the fun stuff, if you do a lot of landscape/outdoor photos, it will make your photos even better. I don’t even have one just want one real bad.

    Here’s a good article I just read when researching them… and it’s a wordpress blog too.


    What nikon you working with, and what’s your fav lens?