Watch Pando Interview

The PandoMonthly interview from last week is now on Youtube, check it out when you get a chance:

9 thoughts on “Watch Pando Interview

  1. Hi Matt
    I really enjoyed the interview – half way – will come back and listen to the rest.
    The concept of a beautiful place on the internet is a concept I like. I’ll go a step further – I believe it’s an imperative. The internet can be a scary place for a lone voice in a sea of humanity. This is why I’m a late adopter – and there is probably quite a few of us out there . I think there is a huge potential for growth, but I think the internet needs to be cleaned up ( P.S don’t publish my comment. I’m one of those bloggers who don’t like too much attention 🙂

  2. Great and fun talk, I really enjoyed it.

    If I may, since I don’t know when/if I’ll ever get a chance to attend one of your talk. I wanted to ask your opinion about privacy.

    A while ago, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that “We Are Building A Web Where The Default Is Social”, what is your take on it with respect to and the other Automattic products? Do you believe in the notion of anonymity online?

    ps: I can’t help but notice your resemblance with Richard Branson, from business practices/style to the hair fashion 🙂

    1. I do think that it’s important to have contextual identity, meaning that you might not be the exact same “person” in every context you’re online. I think this is different than Facebook’s one-true-identity approach.

  3. Are you a Buddhist or Taoist or something like that?

    (Is that too personal a question?)

    Not to get all stalker on you, but I hope you’ll take a look at Kuratur 🙂 It’s right there in that zone of social blogging and curation, & you would be our dream advisor (hopefully not just *in* our dreams). Our mission is to empower bloggers & solve their problems.

    I completely agree about Andre 3k and I don’t know anything about rap at all. But I know he’s a genius. The first rap I ever heard (besides Debbie Harry) was Eric B and Rakim – mesmerizing. Your comparison to TS Eliot was an “aha!” moment for me 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this Matt. I enjoyed watching and getting to know you better. It inspired me to apply for a job with Automattic as Happiness Engineer which seems like an awesome job. On another note, I grew up playing saxophone too and do the same thing with my fingers. Hope I get to make it to a WordCamp someday and meet you in person.