5 thoughts on “What If Mayors Ruled the World?

  1. Hello Matt,

    I am wondering if the WP staff are out of touch for your bi-annual get together.
    I’m wondering because here it is Monday night and the same FPd features are on the home page.

    For close to 4 days. Hello! Is anyone there?

    Many of my family and friends want me to open a blog of my own. I’m scared. I’m having trouble with seasoned veterans having problems getting their notifications. And I’m going to join in the fun? Yikes!

    Enjoyed watching some video of you a few weeks ago, two different hosts. I am by no means a techno expert like you are. I like Word Press. At least until it became something other than Word press. More of recipes, photos and cartoons. I guess you know your audience.

    Me? I’m here for the WORD. The talent of making those words sing and portray a picture in your mind just by reading the word. You know?

    Sorry to take your time but there is no place to comment on “the” home page of Word Press.

    Thank you for your efforts to provide free platforms for people from around the world! Could we have more honors for the word? Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top??? 🙂