WP 3.4 and Jetpack Comments

It’s been an exciting week for WordPress so far — version 3.4 was released and already has over 730,000 downloads, and also Jetpack Comments (which I’ve been testing here) are now available publicly. Jetpack comments lets your users comment with their WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook identities, as well as as a guest like before. This has been a top-requested feature, and it works very smoothly. Check them both out!

41 thoughts on “WP 3.4 and Jetpack Comments

  1. Nice! Does it accommodate the new cookie-laws in the UK and the Netherlands? We are not allowed to place third-party cookies without visitor consent… So does it enable FB and twitter to track the visitors of my site?

  2. It was all after reading this post, I was motivated to update my WordPress to the latest version. Because this article gives me a clear cut idea about the new features in WordPress 3.4 Green. However, congrats to the whole team on WordPress Green update. 🙂

  3. Well… it’s nice and simple. But one thing only: where’s the ‘uninstall’ for this? Do we need to uninstall Jetpack all together?…

  4. The Jetpack blog post didn’t make it 100% clear… is this primarily about letting commenters authenticate with federated identities? It’s not a full-on comment outsourcing solution a la IntenseDebate, right? Still uses the local WordPress comments table?

  5. Loving Jetpack Comments. Now it just needs to be extensible so developers and site owners can provide options for logging in using other services. Google, Diaspora, OpenID, StatusNet, to name a few.

  6. Hello There,
    I just want to let you know that I am so grateful and thankful for your amazing creation. Without “WordPress” I would have not been able to start blogging. It made it so easy step for me.
    Thank you again

  7. What’s the hook comments uses? 24 hours later and it still hasn’t show up yet.

    Not only that, but when I post here, it can auth/sign in to them but doesn’t find/download any of the details from my WordPress, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

    And I just noticed it doesn’t remember my details until I enter the email address, although I have just posted a comment, and then it makes up its own mind to insert my http://gravatar.com/socialstrategyuk address, instead of my website.


    I guess I better take a quick trip to the support forum and see if I can get some help over there.

    I really do hope most of these things are bugs and not had-coded by intention.

  8. Yesterday, for a whole day, something strange was going on with the Draft page – ‘Save Draft’ had vanished, so had ‘Preview Changes’. When I wanted to save an edited draft I used my (Mac) command/save but when I tried to leave the page I was told all edits would be lost. Grrr! Then, last night, Save Draft and Preview Changes magically reappeared. What were you doing?

  9. Nice week for Automattic. 🙂 I had recently activated Facebook’s new plugin the day before, and quickly de-activated it to replace it with Jetpack’s comments. Then I reverted back to Facebook’s. I rarely make hastened changes on my blog, but had to because Jetpack’s comments allow guest commenting.

    Tim Moore, who announced Jetpack’s comments claimed that he was looking into it. Matt, it would be wonderful if Automattic could look into disabling guest commenting on WordPress, meanwhile allow comments authenticated by login services.

      1. Hi Matt,

        I also use Thesis and cannot get Jetpack comments to work. As I’ve poked around the theme files it seems that Thesis does not use in the comments.php file. If I add “add_action(‘thesis_hook_comment_field’, ‘comment_form’);” to the custom_functions.php file Jetpack does show up though I’ve not tested it, but the Thesis comment field is not removed giving two comment fields.

        Any ideas?


  10. When replying to someone else’s comment the Jetpack email quotes the actual blog post instead of the comment being replied to. (I hope that makes sense)

    Have I missed a setting somewhere?

  11. I’m really excited about the ability to use social networking identities for commenting. My only concern is, if I activate Comments in Jetpack, what happens to my previous comments?

    Also, your WordPress theme RULES.

  12. Does anybody else don’t see social icons in this form? Is it some kind of breakdown? Btw what kind of anti spam you are using with this form? I tried antispam bee but they don’t work together 🙁

  13. Hi Matt,

    I would like to add custom CSS to Jetpack Comments (to change the comment textbox background color for examaple). I read it is possible now to change its properties through the WP custom css box. The problem is it simply doesn`t work for me.
    If I use Firebug all works fine. Then I add the modifications to the WP Dashboard or even to the theme`s style.css file… and…nothing happens.
    Any ideas about what can fix my problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Can I customise the Jetpack Comments form? I want to use a 3rd party rating widget in the commentform. Is there a theme file I can edit?

    There are other Social connect/login plugins for WP, but it looks like Jetpack is the only one usable just for comment verification without registering new user to the blog.

    And I have to agree, there should be some more services beside WP, Twitter and FB. At least Google and OpenID.

    1. A follow-up too: does it play nicely with a CDN? I’m specifically thinking about the page reload after the comment is submitted. Wondering if the heavy caching would tangle thing up or if the new comment is placed via cookies and JS.