I’m really excited abou the new Jetpack, it includes toolbar notifications, mobile push for iOS, a new REST API, and fixes to the contact form.

21 thoughts on “New Jetpack

  1. Jet Pack is a beautiful plugin BUT the automatic update platform is so bad for an svn project… If the plugin has an option to disable it…

  2. Great plugin and only getting better. Recently discovered a really nice Top Posts widget Jetpack added which i didn’t know about. Would love to tie in my membership subscribers with an option to subscribe to Jetpack subscriptions rather than MailChimp. Probably heard that one before.

    1. Because the majority require a WP.com connection, and they often rely on each other and we didn’t want a complex dependency system, and finally because the number one complaint I was hearing from users prior to Jetpack was that they had too many plugins and they didn’t work well together. As an advanced user if you just want Jetpack Carousel, you can turn off all of the other Jetpack modules except for that.

  3. I am pretty much an end-user…I have a web guy in the Netherlands who deals with most of my site stuff…I DO know how to post though. I am however able to work with Jetpack with no problem…simple and effective that is how I have to put it! Thanks for a great plugin that doesn’t require a “…for Dummies” book.

  4. Hi Matt! Thanks for sharing this info. My question is HUGE to me. I know it will just take time on some of this stuff; but I am brand new to this world of interstellar talk and am wondering how I can put some of it into everyday logical homemaker words until I do?

    1. It can be very intimidating when you first start, so don’t feel bad about asking questions on the forums or support as you start to internalize the topics, and I’m sure within a few months you’ll be helping your friends with the same things you’re struggling with today.

  5. Great features but only one problem with it, it breaks the comments-like plugin 🙁
    This version is really great because of the Notifications 😀

  6. Awesome man! Now I dont have to go to wp.com panel each time I get notification. 🙂

    Off-topic: When do you think you’re rolling out the new button style (from rounded corner to slightly rounded corner as now live on wordpress.com) to self-hosted sites? I’m loving them on wp.com and would love to see it on all my self-hosted blogs.

  7. I’m loving the Jetpack plugin. The stats are slick… and it has removed the need for about 4 other standalone plugins for me. Top stuff! Currently testing it on one site, but think I’ll start rolling it out to all our others too.

  8. Just noticed the toolbar notification button, it just more than anything one blogger can expect . Comment notifications from all my blogs in one place 🙂 just love it.

  9. JetPack is a great idea and most parts are really great.. but (thre is always a but) I never succeed to use the Twitter widget… eror>.. error… error…. too bad