Pandora and Artist Payments, about how Pandora is paying out millions of dollars to artists but is only 6.5% of the US radio listening audience, the fees the rest pay are far, far lower.

3 thoughts on “Pandora and Artist Payments

  1. because Pandora is not BROADCASTING anything, they are a system online that enables a user to manipulate a ‘stream’ to hear whatever they want, that in itself means many people would rather not buy anything when they can hear pretty much when they want when they want. I was on the same team as Tim years ago when we were fighting for the passage of the SWA and told him that the way he and DiMa were fighting was the wrong way to fight it, they chose to not listen, I also told him that what is happening now would happen to Pandora because of the manner and approach they took back then. It is what it is, they should pay more.

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