100% GPL

Creative Market just announced that all of their WordPress Themes are now 100% GPL, meaning to list in their marketplace and reach their users your theme must provide users with the same freedoms that WordPress itself does. They have some great themes already. This is fantastic news and I’m very proud of their team for taking this bold step, and as promised homepage promotion is forthcoming. I think we’ll see more of these down the line, especially as WordPress consumers start demanding 100% GPL from anything they buy.

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your links are dead/wrong (too much in it 😉 – feels kind of awkward to leave this comment on your blog… it’s like typing erorrs, we all make them.
Good news to have the theme business going GPL, great for the community and what has made wordpress what it is today !

As a partner of Authentic Themes (current theme seller on Creative Market) I think its amazing that they have gone full GPL and that they’ve made the change so quickly. Now just waiting for TF to do the same 😉

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