6 thoughts on “New Yahoo

  1. Can’t help but wondering what Yahoo themselves see as their value prop to its users.
    I, for one, don’t really see what the drivers are for ever re-visiting the Yahoo homepage after the initial fly by. Do you?

  2. The Yahoo Home page is darn awful. It is very amateurish. Here was on opportunity to do something nice, streamlined, elegant, to the point. They need some serious help over there. The yahoo home page feels like a cluttered garage. So much Junk.

  3. Purple is my least favorite color. Blue Arial bold is my least favorite font. Having a semi-transparent image in front of a news photo is one of my least favorite things to see. In all, the new Yahoo Home Page, which used to be my favorite place to start my day on the web has now become my least favorite place to be.
    How arrogant of Yahoo to use a color like Purple and give no way to change it. Ask any Real Estate agent about trying to sell a house. Do you show it with your personal preference of color palettes, i.e. purple, hot pink, et al, or do you show the house in a neutral palette that would appeal to the majority of potential buyers?
    It’s obvious that the person who picked purple has never been a real estate broker. Actually, on second thought, that person has probably never designed an attractive home page that would appeal to a majority.