I’m really excited about the launch of WordPress.com Connect. Yes Facebook et al offer similar APIs and have more users, but there are two key differences. First is Automattic is not an advertising-driven company, so our priorities around users are different than ones who are. Second is that these APIs are the basis for interacting with any element of an entire website hosted on WP.com or not, meaning themes, widgets, posts, content, CSS… any company that does something that ultimately ends up on a website should be looking at the APIs on developer.wordpress.com and pushing us where there isn’t one yet.

4 thoughts on “WordPress.com Connect

  1. Nice work Matt,
    Are you seeing this as a way for companies like ZippyKid to let people integrate with wp.com sites for their self hosted/managed installs? This could provide a simpler 2-3 click migration service for people who want to move to a self hosted installation.