WordPress 4.0, code-named Benny, is now available. The response so far has been great, over 200k downloads in just a few hours. Today we celebrate, watch the counter, and tomorrow go back to work on 4.1. 🙂 For those following along at home, the 3.x series of WordPress was downloaded 300 million times.

6 thoughts on “4.0

  1. Does the counter also include the number of WordPress 3.* installs that were auto/semi-auto upgraded from the Admin itself? If it doesn’t then the count would probably be twice that high. 😉

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years. My personal blog is over 8 years old now on a (mostly) original install and still running fine despite my constant messing around with it. Then again, I run a Linux based OS (Linux Mint) so that kind of explains everything right there. The messing about I mean.