Fight Against Uber

The Parisian taxi drivers are partly protesting against economic regulations in cities where taxi drivers have to pay for expensive medallions while Uber drivers do not. But, in a larger sense, they’re actually protesting against our increased impatience.

Om Malik: The Long History of the Fight Against Uber.

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In Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, the Uber is facing a serious legal complaint from existing local transportation owners. Weeks ago, five Uber drivers were trapped on the street by existing transportation drivers and brought to the police for being investigated. This might be caused by the progressive act of Uber that has neglected some basic transportation regulations in the Indonesian capital city. However, in a larger sense, the phenomenon might be related to cultural shock due to a technological push.

This may sound like foolishness, but please check out my biblical perspective on Uber.. Here is a universal law. Each seed reproduces after his kind, who’s seed is in its self. Uber’s started a process with a corrupt act – that is the initial seed. Therefor every aspect in the lineage of their operation is corrupt.

They violated public safety laws that were put in place to protect citizens. First they marketed to, and hired cab drivers, (existing transportation drivers) that were willing to violate the same laws, as they were willing to violate. They lured the drivers in by promising higher income. This turned out to be untrue, and resulted in high driver turnover. Now the Uber marketing campaign lures regular citizens into becoming drivers. They too are willing to violate public safety laws. Uber is still experiencing high turnover, as these citizens are experiencing the negative side of using their personal vehicles for public transportation. OMG! There is a negative side. As a third and final option, Uber will be forced to hire people from the bottom of the barrel who are willing to violate public safety laws.

They will hire drivers that are desperate law breakers. High driver turnover, legal challenges, and other concerns will make Uber become a desperate law breaking company. You can’t start a process with a corrupt seed, and get anything other than corruption. Manifestation does not lie!

In Ireland, Uber has operated since 2014 in the form of UberX (ordinary cars) and Uber Black. I’ve used Uber Black once (at a promotional rate !) and while its nice being collected in a Merc E class, I’m just not sure people will pay the extra cost.
If anything, HAILO, which is a home-grown copy of Uber, is more popular. But they only use licenced cars or actual taxis. I broadly agree with Michel’s point and the concerns of quality of the car and driver were certainly an issue for Uber in Ireland. At least with Hailo they are regulated to a degree.
Hailo v Uber – pop will eat itself ?

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